Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is there a better term...

Andrew over at The Daily Dish asks the question in his post 'The Right And Gays':

Is there a better term than homophobic?
Absolutely, I say. Anti-homosexual is it.

While homophobic supposes the mind of the individual by assigning him or her a physic state of fear or terror as implied by the post-fix phobic, anti-homosexual only describes what is evident- that is the actual behavior of an individual be it communication, policy, financial support, organization affiliations. People are not scared of homosexuals. Those normally labeled homophobic simply don’t like homosexuals, don’t like what they perceive homosexuals do, think, or desire, or don’t like sexuality of any that does not fit into the moral conscripts of their choosing. Imagine this racists who are racist specifically against Black people are called Africanphobic; people who don’t like feminist politics and identities are called Femiphobic. Really. No. It is opposition that we can prove in the political arena fear is best left to the psychoanalysts. I wrote to him. He is brilliant so if he writes back I will be thrilled.

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Michael St. James said...

I like anti-homosexual better too. Insightful blog!